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Setting RSS catalog lists

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Create RSS subscription page for all industries, locations or other listings required. I.e.:


1. Navigate admin

Site Settings: SEO Management: Vacancy URL Management

2. Click on URL type you want to show on the RSS catalog page, for example


3. Tick the checkbox called Use for RSS Catalog


4. Click Update URL button


Repeat steps 2 - 4 for all other URL types you want to show on the list. Checkboxes are only available for 1-level URL types that use dictionaries.

5. Navigate admin

Content Tree: Home: Content

6. Create new usual content page and specify page Template: rss

Now you can link this page on the home page, menu or any other place. This feature is available starting v 1.3.

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- How do I edit RSS links?

- How do I create page with RSS subscribe options?

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