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JobMount job board software can query 3rd party jobs database utilizing search parameters specified and will show relevant results below your normal job search results (backfilling), i.e.

File:Job feeds.jpg

Following types of external job feed sources are currently integrated (can be added to your job search results):

  • Indeed: will require registering for the feed on Indeed website and obtaining publisher ID and Indeed Channel.
  • ZipRecruiter: API key is needed.

To enable external job feeds and edit Parameters:

1. Open Site parameters


  • Default External Search Keywords - list keyword or keyphrase to receive external search results if no criteria was specified in quick or advanced job search form.
  • Attach keyword to all' - list keyword or keyphrase to add it to all searches.
* Number of jobs - set limit for the number of external jobs shown per one search results page.

2. Configure Quick and Advanced job searches to send query for relevant jobs. Navigate admin

Site Settings: Vacancy: Quick Job Search Settings
Site Settings: Vacancy: Advanced Job Search Settings

3. Get inside field parameters and specify in External Search Param Type whether this field is keyword or location type for external search


RE & Keywords

  • Indeed feeds activation
  • Activate ZipRecruiter dynamic jobs

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