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Manage Twitter accounts to post to

1. Login to your existing Twitter account (or create new) and open following page:

Register an Application

Please note: "Callback URL" field in "Application Details" should be empty.

2. You should pick following items here:

  • Application Type: Client
  • Default Access type: Read & Write
  • Use Twitter for login: Yes
  • Callback URL: leave empty

3. Copy and save Consumer Key and Consumer Secret code after creating twitter application.

4. Login to job board software admin and navigate admin: Tools: Post to Twitter.

5. System will open the list of Twitter accounts and post templates configured (if any).

Twitter Accounts list:


Click File:Add_button_admin.png to add Twitter account* to post to.

System will prompt for your User name, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret:


6. Click File:Save_button_admin.png to submit account settings.

7. Click lock icon to authorize application and get PIN code from Twitter


Please copy it and place into Twitter account as shown on Step #5.

Manage Twitter post templates

1. Login to job board software Admin.

2. Navigate admin: Tools: Post to Twitter.

3. System will open the list of Twitter accounts and post templates configured (if any).

Post templates:


- Click File:Add_button_admin.png to add new Twitter post template.

- Click on existing template name to edit it.

Example: sample post template:



Any recognizable name

User account:

Twitter account name to post to (list is based on Twitter Accounts configured - see above).


Controls Twitter post content: vacancy fields used and hashtags.

Refer to Site Settings: Vacancy: Vacancy Settings for field shortnames.

Field shortname is added to $vacancy variable to identify job field required:

i.e. $vacancy.title is based on Job Title field from vacancy settings:


Supply popular hashtags used by job seekers to search for job postings on Twitter:

#job, #jobs, #careers, #hiring, etc. 

Update interval, m

System will select live jobs posted to your job board software within interval specified as per Selection criteria below. When there are too many jobs Twitter would usually limit number of posts and then block posting of new messages for some time. That is why Post to Twitter feature automatically splits job posts into parts and in such a way avoids being blocked.

Each of the jobs selected will be posted as unique Twitter post.

Time interval is specified in minutes.

Selection criteria (default settings):

1. Keywords:

Searches job title, job type, job description, employer name, location fields.

2. Category:

Selects jobs of a specific category.

Manage search criteria to be used for job selection:

Navigate job board software admin: Site settings: Vacancy: Vacancy Settings: Post Feed Search Settings

Manage default fields configured or add new ones:


Keyword criterion: name and fields to search


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