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When will my website show up in search results of google and other search engines

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This is how we guess it:

Step 1: “Any critical roadblocks?”

we would check whether your home, key landing pages and jobs are indexed/cached and job content share is unique. Based on this test proved positive, your job board application website has no major roadblocks for spiders and can actually make it to top 10.

Step 2: “Competition comparison”

we would confirm target keyword combinations with you and progress to keyword density on homepage and relevant internal pages, site structure, link anchors, amount of relevant and unique content, frequency of updates, links on trusted websites, and yes, your current positions and would compare to the same factors of top 10 competitor sites on Google. The time to match those and waiting period for next content reindexing is your target timeframe.

Generic reply on average timeframe would be:

New websites / domains:

search engines usually take up to 3 month to update indexes and rankings. After initial sandbox period is passed, based on your website being well optimized and content is unique: you will start getting positions for less competitive keywords initially, then growing for more popular ones within next 3-6 months.

New pages added to current site:

getting the jobs and new landing pages of your job board application to the first pages of search engines might take from 2-3 days to months based on competition, uniqueness of the content and your website optimization (see more on matching competition above).

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