Job board SEO FAQ #1

JobMount team answers frequently asked questions about job board SEO and automated job board SEO features. We will continue collect your questions about job board SEO and answer them in our blog.
Is JobMount job board compliant with SEO best practices?

Yes, including both desktop and mobile webmaster recommendations.
Can I fine-tune meta tags?

Yes, JobMount job board comes with prepopulated meta tags. In addition,  meta tags for all pages may be fine-tuned.  Follow our support article to find out how: Define meta tags for job board pages
Where are the H4, H5 and H6 headlines? Should I put some in?
Importance of headline tags decreases with number, so most important are H1-H3 tags. Others have no influence on rankings and can be used to format complex content pages.
How do I add alt tags to the images?
This depends on where image is placed, few examples:

  • Logo’s tag is in Admin node to change logo
  • For images in content pages – add alt=”…” tag via HTML editing mode, see more Edit HTML in WYSIWYG editor
  • For Featured employers populate Title field
  • For design page elements – edit site theme in Templates section

What is W3C validation? Does this need to be done?
W3C validation is the check against compliance with World Wide Web Consortium rules. It is needed to ensure technical quality of web pages and compatibility with existing or future browsers.

While 100% validation is not mandatory and most of the sites do not fully validate against this check, no search rankings influence has been observed previously. Nevertheless our sites are checked for W3C compliance as a standard check and all important issues are fixed.

Should I canonicalize the IP address?

There is no need as site is not opening up by IP.
Do you provide SEO services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer SEO services, we only offer SEO technology. All our clients are either hiring someone to manage SEO and marketing for them or using SEO company service.
Can I use HTTPS and will it improve my SEO?

Yes, SSL can be activated and secure pages can be ranked higher, see more at Switch job board to HTTPS
You may ask us your questions, we will be glad to help you.

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