Employer branded mini site

Custom employer-branded mini site – additional advertising option that can be offered by job board to its clients. JobMount job board software provides such pages management: job listing can have unique design, i.e. inserted into employer’s custom HTML, published on job board URL or unique client careers domain*.

Example of a client branded mini site

branded minisite
One of the key employer benefits – job seeker  stays on employer branded pages whilst browsing  jobs:
– employer information pages, i.e. benefits
– employer’s current jobs listing
– opening full job advert
Branded mini site job
Employer mini sites are configured in job board software Admin:
Career portal HTML is edited in job board Administration area. Header and footer, additional client pages are inserted into client’s HTML.
Job wrapping bundle
Job wrapping service can be offered to simplify job posting & updates: jobs will be scraped from Employer ATS or website daily so that branded mini site listings are kept up to date. Job wrapping can be offered as part of Employer Branded Mini Site advertising package or a separately priced service.
Fully featured career site alternative
Career Site solution is a fully functional career site alternative to JobMount’s Branded Mini Site feature. CareerSiteCloud is a platform for running a standalone and comprehensive Career Site for a single employer or recruitment agency.

Feature comparison: JobMount job board software feature Employer Branded Mini Site vs CareerMount solution


JobMount Branded Mini Site Feature CareerSiteCloud Career Site Software
Custom employer design for job listing and viewing full job advert Custom employer design for job search, job listing and viewing full job advert
Job seeker applies to job via job board hosting the branded careers page (job board branded, not employer) Job seeker applies to job within same employer branded careers page
Job seeker subscribes to job alerts via job board hosting the branded careers page (job board branded, not employer) Job seeker subscribes to job alerts within same employer branded careers page
SEO / Google traffic: branded mini site uses job board landing pages (does not have its own job-title or location-optimized pages) SEO /  Google traffic: career site is optimized and has its own landing pages for job-title, location and other keywords.
Job seeker resume database can be accessed by other Employers / clients of a job board Employer owns  job seeker database
Jobs are advertised on main job board Jobs can be advertised on other job boards, aggregators, social media, etc.
Mobile: employer branded responsive mobile version Mobile: employer specific responsive mobile version
Built-in ATS features to manage hiring process


*Each unique client domain usage (i.e. careers.client_career_site.com or client_name.your_jobboard.com) will require JobMount admin support to set it up.

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