Multiple resumes, document files, video

Job seekers can create multiple resume profiles, attach searchable resume documents, add videos, manage resumes visibility in search and privacy.

Multiple resume profiles

Job seeker can create multiple resume profiles. Existing resumes can be uploaded to job board software either as:

  • attached resumes files (Doc, Docx, RTF, PDF, txt),
  • or copy pasted into WYSIWYG / HTML editor.

Software screenshot: job seeker resumes management

Resume posting 1

Keyword searchable

Both profile fields and files attached are parsed by job board software, so they can be found by Employers via keyword search.

Video resume

Job seekers can submit personal video via embed tag supplied by popular video sharing websites (i.e. YouTube). Video resume field is activated via job board software Admin.

Resume posting 2

Privacy control

Job seeker can set resume to be:

  • searchable or hidden
  • anonymous or show all contact details

Resume posting 3

Job application

Existing resume profiles or resume documents can be attached to application. Review job search & application process.

Customizable resume profiles

Resume profile fields are easily customized via software admin.

Software screenshot: job seeker, resume editing

Resume Posting 4

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