Job search & application process

Job seekers can search jobs via quick or advanced form, browse jobs by categories or companies, view full job advert content and apply via job board or get redirected to employer ATS/website URL.

Job search, configurable options:

JobMount software offers following search features: keyword search, boolean, zip code radius, selection by any job field. Job fields to offer job seeker for searching are configured via Admin.

Software screenshot: quick job search form

Software screenshot: advanced job search form

job search & application process 2

Additional options via search criteria supplied:

  • subscribe to RSS feed
  • create email job alert
  • save search

Software screenshot: job search results page

job search & application process 3

Job application, JobMount software options configurable via Admin:

  • application requires registration / login & resume submitted (default set up)
  • application / employer contacts view can require subscription / payment

Employer can choose:

  • application to be processed by job board and notification sent via email
  • applicant to be redirected to employer URL / ATS interface

Software screenshot: job advert

job search & application process 4

Additional options for each advert:

  • print job
  • social share
  • view similar jobs
  • view employer profile

    Job seeker application process:

    1. For logged in / registered candidate:

    Once apply button is hit, job application form offers following options:

    • attach one of available resume profiles (see Resume profile editing feature)
    • attach resume file
    • supply screening questionnaire answers (once prompted by employer)

    job search & application process 5
    2. For non-logged in candidate:

    System will prompt for login or registration:

    job search & application process 5
    Once registration form is submitted, job seeker is redirected back to application initiated.

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