Facebook login & sign up for job seekers

Improve job seeker registration ratio by offering easy sign up & login via Facebook. Candidates can register with job board software using  Facebook user credentials, share profile info and help promote your website among their Facebook friends.

Sign up

JobMount software connects user with Facebook to confirm username and retrieve personal details, i.e. first name, last name, etc. Information details (fields) to copy to job board when sign up are confirmed with job  board owner during initial configuration. These can be updated any time. Job board software prompts user to confirm or update details copied from Facebook account and completes registration process.

Returning visitor’s login

Returning job seekers will either be recognized by job board software or can use login via Facebook button for quick login. Job board software will welcome returning visitor for job seeker account linked to Facebook user already exists. If Facebook user is currently logged in to Facebook, job board application will login user automatically. If not – user will be offered to login to Facebook first.

Software screenshot: job seeker registration, Facebook Connect option

facebook integration job board software

Software screenshot: job board homepage, Facebook Connect sign up / login option


Key benefits for job board owners:

  1. Increase number of registrations by offering simple way to sign up & apply.
  2. Improved user experience for job seekers: personalized interface based on profile information, one click registration / job alert subscriptions, simplified application process.
  3. Advertise job board via job seeker Facebook wall.

Contact JobMount on adding Facebook login to your job board.

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