Employer registration form configuration/editing


1. Overview
2. Sub account fields
3. Employer specific fields


1. Navigate job board admin:

Settings: Forms & search: Employer: Employer Profile

2. System will open a list of fields which are currently configured for your employer registration form in your job board application:

3. Edit the form by:

– Adding new fields (review Field types).
– Editing existing fields (change Fields properties).
– Changing field sequence (Changing field sequence in forms).

4. Adding a new field & editing existing ones:

I.e. Phone field properties update.

4.1. Click on the field’s name to open it for editing:

4.2. Fill in fields properties and press the SAVE button.

4.3. The job board application will save changes and show them on your site straight away.

5. If you created a new field, the system will reload and add it at the bottom of the form.

6. Drag & drop the field to update its position (more info: changing field sequence in forms)


  • Don’t change existing fields’ Short Name as it may cause negative impact to job board’s functionality. Edit only the Name field if it’s needed.
  • When creating a new field, make sure the Short Name is unique within this particular form.

Sub account fields

From the master account, employers can customize sub accounts exactly the way they want them and manage accounts permissions.

Permissions Control
To manage sub accounts privileges, employers need to check the action(s) they want to permit their sub account to use when creating or editing a sub account.

There are 5 default checkbox type fields available. These include the following:

  • Sub account management: if enabled, allows this sub account to create/manage other sub accounts;
  • Share packages: if enabled, gives permission to access master account payment products and use their active services;
  • Post as master account: if enabled, gives permission to post jobs under master account’s company name & logo;
  • View all jobs & applicants: if enabled, allows this sub account to review all the posted jobs & applications from master account and other sub accounts;
  • Display jobs under primary account: if enabled, hides the sub account from the Employer’s Directory page and displays their live jobs under master employer account instead.

Employer specific fields

  • Default payment package: choose default payment product(s) which should be activated automatically by the system upon employer registration (more info here)
  • Anonymous: hide specific employer fields (such as company name and logo) from unlogged users on job postings (more info here)

Anonymous field

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