Resume form configuration/editing


1. Resume form editing and configuration
2. Adding a video field to the job seeker’s resume form
3. Resume “upload file” field types configuration
4. Special resume fields

Resume form editing and configuration

Steps to follow:

1. Navigate in admin section of your job board software:

Settings: Forms & search: Resume: Resume profile

2. System will open a list of fields which are currently configured for the resume form in your job board application:

Resume form editing

3. Edit the form by:

– Adding new fields (review Field types).
– Editing existing fields (change Fields properties).
– Changing field sequence (Changing field sequence in forms).

4. Adding a new field & editing existing ones:

I.e. First name field properties update.

4.1. Click on the field name to open it for editing:

First name edit field

4.2. Supply or update fields properties.

4.3. Save changes.

5. If you created a new field, the system will reload and add it at the bottom of the form.

6. Drag & drop the field to update its position (more info: changing field sequence in forms)


  • Don’t change existing fields’ Short Name as it may cause negative impact to job board’s functionality. Edit only the Name field if needed.
  • When creating a new field, make sure the Short Name is unique within this particular form.

Adding a video field to the job seeker’s resume form

Provide your job seekers with the ability to submit a video resume via an embed tag supplied by video hosting services (i.e. YouTube):

Video resume

Follow these steps to allow embedding of a Youtube (or other) video to the job seeker’s resume in JobMount job board software:

1. Navigate in admin to

Settings: Forms & search: Resume: Resume profile

2. In the Field Type… at the top, select Textarea and click ADD (See more: field types)

Textarea resume field

Textarea video resume field

3. Now job seekers are able to insert a Youtube (or other) video by copying the HTML embed code:

Embed YouTube video

and adding it into the video resume field that has been created:

Embed video resume

Note: don’t forget to add a hint text on this field so your job seekers know what to do (possible example on screenshot above).

Resume “upload file” field types configuration

1. Navigate in job board software admin to

Settings: Forms & search: Resume: Resume profile

2. System will open a list of fields currently configured for the resume form.

Open Resume file field configured by default or (if removed/missing) Add new field with the TypeApplied file.


Upload resume file

3. Supply resume file field properties

Applied file type

File type fields:

  • System will accept all of the extensions enlisted: doc,docx,rtf,txt,pdf.
  • Note the maximum allowed size of the uploaded file (in kilobytes)
  • System will automatically parse text content from files uploaded and link to Candidate profile.
  • Making resume files indexed searchable: resume files indexing and search activation
  • For any other fields that require file upload (e.g. cover letter, recommendation letter, photo, etc.) – please use the File field type. Applied File type can be used only for the actual Resume file field for parsing purposes.

Resume file types

4. Save changes to make them active.

Special resume fields

There are several important and resume-specific fields available by default in resume settings. These include the following:

  • Searchable for employers: ticked by default. Job seekers can untick the checkbox to remove their resume from search results for all employers. Ticking the checkbox again at a later date will get the resume back on the search results; this option can be used if a job seeker is not looking for a job at the moment and doesn’t want to be contacted with job offers;
  • Exclude employers: hide job seeker’s resume from specific employers. Job seekers can perform a search in this field for a specific company they want to hide their resume from. If such company exists in your job board database – system will allow them to select it & hide the resume.
  • Anonymous: if ticked, system hides specific fields on the job seeker’s resume from employers. Default hidden fields include personal info (name, phone, email) and file uploads (resume file, cover letter, photo). Job board admin can easily configure the fields to hide/unhide.

Resume access options

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