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DoubleClick Ad Management

Sophisticated ad management software is integrated with job boards powered by JobMount job board technology. Job board owner can use DoubleClick system to manage & target different types of adverts placed in multiple areas of the site.


Free ad management software

Job board owners can use a free option of DoubleClick for small businesses to run their ad campaigns. DoubleClick technology is owned by Google.


Multiple ad slots

Ad management software will deliver targeted adverts placed on allocated job board ad slots. Allocated slots normally depend on job board design layout, i.e. JobMount template homepage ad slots:

Ad areas


Geo and content targeting

Geographic and content-based targeting are available for relevant ads delivery, i.e. show advert for specific category job searches only.


Screenshot: choosing job industry for ads targeting
Content targeting


Screenshot: choosing job seeker geography to ads display:
Geo targeting


Advanced Statistics
Full statistics set is available for presenting results of advertising campaign for job board customers: views, clicks, budget spent, etc.:


Screenshot: banners statistics (click to enlarge)
Advert statistics


Job board software integration
DoubleClick ad management system can be integrated with any JobMount job board software package, i.e. turnkey, custom, hosted or standalone. JobMount account managers will help job board clients setup both systems and provide ongoing operation support, questions answered.



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