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Automated jobs SEO technology analyses vacancies content and creates landing pages optimized to attract job seekers via Google and other search engines.


JobMount software automates principal SEO activities:

  1. Keywords to optimize for are identified & prioritized: job titles, locations, etc.
  2. Jobs and other content pages are dynamically optimized for keywords chosen.
  3. System generates a structure of optimized landing pages based on existing jobs.
  4. Intelligent jobs indexing: ads not yet cached by Google are prioritized for spiders. 
  5. Sophisticated internal linking structure creates clusters of relevant content.
  6. Site-wide & specific pages optimization: content, URL, title, headings, Meta names.
  7. Sitemap.xml is auto-generated, Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics are connected.

SEO Pro features overview.PDF | Estimate SEO traffic your job board can generate


Client SEO performance statistics

Statistics sample: search engines organic traffic growth upon upgrade to JobMount (US medical niche job board). Learn more.
SEO stats


JobMount SEO features:


Page title, URL, Meta tags & content editing
H1 titles, main text (incl. HTML), Title and Meta tags, URLs are edited via Content Management System (CMS).


Google Sitemap.XML & Robots.txt
Auto-generate sitemap and edit robots.txt to manage spider activity.

Spider friendly URLs and automated internal linking 

Internal landing pages and dynamic job linking is based on popularity of jobs, indexing status (cached by Google), applicant’s searches, season, and keyword priority.


Landing pages templates, URLs and links management
Create “phrase-based” landing pages, fill out templates and supply correct URLs via admin.

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Keywords management & prioritization
Manage keywords/phrases by categories, identify synonyms, prioritize or skip usage, review search statistics.


Keyword based RSS feeds
Create job RSS feeds for multiple categories.


Automated link placement for SEO footers
JobMount places only priority links with existing live jobs to SEO footers to reduce bounce rate and improve user-experience.


Synonyms & mistakes utilization
Supply alternative keywords to be used for optimization. 


Only cached jobs broadcasting via XML
Limit job posting to external websites to only ones indexed by Google. Learn on: Indeed posting vs. your SEO.


Bulk keywords upload
Simple upload feature for keywords lists.  


Jobs indexing and keyword statistics 
Check the number of jobs indexed by Google. Assess internal keyword usage on job search form.


Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools integration 
Track your visitors’ statistics and manage website pages indexing.


Learn more:
- Estimate organic search engine traffic your job board can generate
- JobMount SEO performance: review statistics
- SEO Pro overview.PDF
- SEO configuration via JobMount admin
- JobMount Blog: Job Board SEO


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